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Thanks also for the dinner and the good time we had that day

Jul 6, 2011 12:21 PM

Thanks for the love

from Jasper Chen by Jasper Chen

Wow. Just realised that I have not blogged in the longest time. I will not try to come up with excuses this time, because I am just very lazy to report whatever I did on my blog. Same for people that uses Twitter... you guys amaze me.

There's quite a bit of people I want to thank for giving me a great time over the past few days, whatever you did, whatever you gave, however much of love you had let out, I deeply appreciate them. Thanks for making my birthday special.

Ok this is gonna get bit boring (like as in Oscar thanksgiving speech boring):

Thanks for bringing me to heaven before I die, Marcus and Pris... The Haagen-Dazs Fondue was just... OMG. It's better than sex - this should be the tagline for the Fondue. Thanks also for the dinner, and the good time we had that day.

Suk Wai, thanks for the card. Too bad we didn't get to go to Megabites, but it was ok because what happened that day was tragic enough already. Pei Sian, thanks for cheering up a bit and your birthday wish. Devi, thanks to you too.

Thanks to Nicholas, Ian, Jay, Emeric, Yangfa for the boys night out. I was so shocked, surprised but really touched when all of you showed up in striped shirts in honour of me? LOL. I was a tad bit embarassed at first, because I didn't wear my striped shirt that day! Thanks everyone for showing up. I really like the gifts very much. Thanks for the thumbdrive... 4GB! It was really so smart that you guys actually thought of studding the thumbdrive with crystals. Fabulous stuff. Ian thanks for almost digging your eyes out just to stud the thumbdrive. (Yes I might just be able to cruise using this *bling bling*)

Finally, thanks to everyone that SMSed to wish me. The other Jasper, Shu Fang, Nan and Jeremy. I hope I didn't leave anyone out?

No thanks to Yee for forgetting. Hehe... Kidding lah. =P

Thanks also to Nan for letting me picture with her dog leash. And no I'm not exactly into BDSM. =)

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